SOME Frequently Asked Questions

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What is freight forwarding?

As a freight forwarder, we are able to negotiate discounted rates with major carriers for air freight, sea freight and door-to-door parcel delivery.

We also deal with the logistics on your behalf, by arranging the necessary documentation and labels, filing insurance, and also arranging the storage of your goods for some services. Through our site, you can track your orders, print off labels and invoices

What are air freight and sea freight?

We use “freight” to refer in general to consignments sent abroad with weight and dimensions that are too large or heavy to be accepted by our parcel delivery couriers (generally anything over 70kg and with dimensions exceeding 150cm, though this varies from carrier to carrier).

Air freight is transported by cargo aircraft, while sea freight is transported by cargo ships.

Freight delivery is not door-to-door – it is delivered from port to port.

Why should I book with YOU?

There are three big reasons to book with US.

Number one: our rates are massively reduced from standard carrier prices and could save you up to 70%.

Number two: the booking process is smooth and simple, with a wealth of information on the website to guide you if needed.

And number three: our Customer Services team are always on hand to ensure that you are able to talk to a human should you have any queries.

We believe that exceptional customer experience puts us ahead of our competitors, as well as the fact that booking with us is far cheaper and easier than going to carriers directly.

Which should I use: air freight or sea freight?

In general, air freight is used for time-sensitive shipments, but it is the more expensive option. By contrast, sea freight usually more economical than air freight (and sometimes even cheaper than door-to-door courier services) but it takes longer.

However, sea freight is generally not economical for small shipments because the destination charges will make it cost-ineffective.

What are YOUR responsibilities?

We liaise with carriers at every step of the way and will do our very best to ensure that your delivery arrives safely and on time. We pride ourselves on our award-winning Customer Services team who are more than happy to take your call during office hours if you have any problems at all.

However, customers should be aware there are some things that we have no control over as freight forwarders. Carriers such as FedEx, UPS, TNT and DHL each have their own policies pertaining to deliveries and collection times that we are not able to influence.

Similarly, we cannot influence Customs. You should familliarise yourself with the customs regulations for your destination country before you attempt to book a delivery. If customs duties and taxes are required, the carrier will be in contact with the recipient directly (with some exceptions—please see specific service information).

Can I use sea freight to transport personal effects?

Yes. Whether you’re shipping commercial cargo or personal effects, you don’t necessarily need to be shipping a full container to make use of sea freight as an economical option.

Select the LCL (less than a container load) option when entering your quote details.

What are my responsibilites as the sender?

As the sender of goods, it is your responsibility to check the following:

  • To ensure that your goods are not prohibited.
  • To ensure that you are familiar with the customs regulations of your destination country.
  • To ensure that your goods are sufficiently packed.
  • To ensure that the contents of your goods are declared in full.
  • To provide accurate weight and dimensions.

Sea freight: What does LCL stand for?

LCL is less than a container load, for which you are required to specify the weight and dimensions of each piece in your consignment.

What are services from our depot?

Some of our services operate from our depots in Wirral and London. You can drop off your parcels or add an optional collection service from your door.

Collection is usually fulfilled by a different carrier and we’ll relabel your consignment at our depot. You can book a single collection for multiple parcels for any of these services up to 30kg and pay just the one collection fee.

Air freight: what do “back to back” and “consolidated” mean?

The terms “consolidated” and “back to back” refer to the way in which space is booked on an air freight carrier.

“Consolidated” refers to space pre-booked by an agent. Because it is booked in advance, the cost is generally reduced. As the destination handling agent is pre-assigned for consolidated services, if a customer wishes to use their own broker they must use the “back to back” service.

“Back to back” refers to bookings made directly with the airlines; i.e. it’s not “consolidated” with other shipments.